A Message From The Past President

Dear ILEAA Board Members and Membership,

As you know, I made my exit as the president of ILEAA in January of 2017. The prior year serving as the president of ILEAA was nothing short of fulfilling. When I joined the organization, I was unclear as to whether I would have any impact on the organization and I was unclear about the impact ILEAA would have on me.

I had no previous board experience prior to joining ILEAA’s board, however I felt that there was a nexus between being a part of governing an organization and making change in the police oversight community. I joined with the intention to make difference, to shape my skills as a leader, and through the guidance, experiences, leadership, and input of my fellow board members, including current President Derrick Thompson, I could see the true value of this organization and the role it can play in the future.

I hope that during my time, I have made a positive impact on both the current status and future of ILEAA. I thank you all for the opportunity I had to lead and for your patience as we work on creating an amazing organization.

Most importantly, I want to thank our members for their support. The strength of this organization is its members. I also asked that each of you continue to pledge your support for this organization, its success, and its mission.

Susan Hutson Immediate Past-President


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