Instructions for new users

New users can register for a new account at or by clicking the link on the menu or on the home page to Account > Register.


After you register, your account will be reviewed and you will receive a email when it has been approved.


Instructions for current users

You can sign in using this link or clicking the link on the menu to Account > Login.

We have completely overhauled the old system and moved onto a new platform. All of the data has been migrated over to a new platform, however you will need to use a new password to login. An email will be sent to your registered email with the link to login as well as your username and password. If you do not receive an email within the next few days, please email us at

After you login with the username and password from the email you receive you will be taken to your profile page. If you would like to change your password you can do that my clicking on the link to “My Account”.

Then click on the “*” symbol to change your password. Enter your old password and new password and click “Update Password” to save the changes.





Editing your profile

To edit your profile, click on the link for “My Profile” and click on the cardinal colored “gear” icon. A dropdown will appear, click on the link for “Edit Profile”.



To change your profile photo, click on the camera icon, to change or add your background cover image, click in the image icon and upload an image file.

On the profile page you add your current title, current employer, and contact information.

To save the changes, make sure you click on the button “Update Profile” before you leave the page.


Member Directory



For a directory listing of all  “Members”. You can search and filter the directory using first name and last name.  All directories are not publicly accessible, you must be a member of the website to access these areas.


Send a Direct Message

You can send private direct messages to any other user on the system by clicking on the message button found in the directory pages or the individual user’s profile. An email will be sent to the user notifying them that they received a message.


You can delete messages and conversations by clicking the trashcan on the message or the trash can on the conversation.

To close the message window click the “X”.



To view your notifications for new messages click on the “bell” icon. It will have a red number indicating the count of messages you have.

You can dismiss the notification by clicking the “x”. To open respond to the notification, you can click on the item.


Addition Help

For additional assistance with the website you can contact us at

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